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Results from the "Pick the First" Thread

Before the first game of the regular season, we had a fun little prediction thread up in which users predicted the first offensive play of the season, the player who would record the first tackle, and who would score the first touchdown. These would have been the correct answers:

First Offensive Play: QB Colt McCoy passes to himself for -5 yards; will also accept "incompletion to TE Ben Watson."
First Defensive Tackle: LB D'Qwell Jackson.
First Touchdown: QB Colt McCoy passes to TE Ben Watson for 34 yards.

Correct Selections:

First Offensive Play: N/A
First Defensive Tackle: Brownie's Year, gentryholdem, Vezoma, crazyL80, Bumblyjack, -bobby-, Danieldelamaiz, rufio, w00d73, JustPlainBrowns
First Touchdown: Grockcubs (14 yards), emily522 (13 yards), JustBob (10 yards)

No one got the first offensive play correct, although Adrock2009, JustPlainBrowns, and myself each predicted that Watson would at least be targeted on the first play, if that counts for anything. While the second category only required a name, rufio's prediction of a "5+ yard gain" was pretty accurate. Three people correctly picked Watson to score the first touchdown, with Grockcubs having a one-yard edge over emily. Thanks to all 32 members who participated!