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Rams Pick RB Quinn Porter Off Browns' Practice Squad, Cleveland Finds Replacements

With the injury to RB Steven Jackson, the St. Louis Rams were forced to go out and sign RB Quinn Porter off the Cleveland Browns' practice squad. Porter was with with the team throughout training camp and on the practice squad toward the end of last season. Porter was the second player taken off the Browns' practice squad this week; the other was FB Eddie Williams.

Porter and Williams were replaced by the following two players: FB Will Ta’ufo’uo and RB Xavier Omon. Doesn't it seem a little unusual for the Browns to continue keeping fullbacks on their practice squad? It would seem more practical to put an offensive lineman there. Anyway, Ta'ufo'uo is the second straight fullback we signed who was with the Denver Broncos in camp. He had been with the Broncos off-and-on since 2009.

Omon's story is a little more interesting. He started off as a sixth-round draft pick by the Buffalo Bills in 2008. Since then, he has bounced between the Seahawks, Jets, and 49ers' offseason rosters or practice squads. Omon was just released from the 49ers' practice squad a couple of days ago.

Hat tip to Buckeye Brad for this news.