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Pro Football Focus: Nuggets from the Bengals Game

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It looks like each week, the website Pro Football Focus will be taking a quick look back at each of the game's that took place in the previous week and analyzing them. I've been waiting for the Bengals vs. Browns review to go live, and it finally did. After the jump is a recap of some of the interesting things had to say, along with my own commentary.

  • Who saw the most snaps at wide receiver? Any idea? It was rookie Greg Little. That comes off a bit surprising to me, especially since he only finished with one catch. I know I kept seeing the Browns go with a rotation at the position, but I failed to pinpoint Little as being in there more than the other guys.
  • It seemed like Evan Moore was on the field for quite a bit, but out of all of Colt McCoy's pass attempts, Moore was only in there for ten of them. Of those ten, he was targeted six times (60% of the time). Moore is a weapon, but perhaps we should make it a tad less obvious that he's going to get the ball when he enters the game.
  • The right tackle position allowed seven quarterback pressures. That was against the Bengals. Eeek! What is going to happen when those guys have to face Dwight Freeney/Robert Mathis this week? The rest of the line didn't grade particularly well with PFF either, as the run blocking was noted as a particular weakness overall.
  • Defensively, Joe Haden drew comparisons to Darrelle Revis. PFF also praised Cleveland's ability to stop the run, pointing out performances by Jayme Mitchell, Phil Taylor, and T.J. Ward specifically.