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Media Notes: Walker No Longer Covering AFC North, 92.3 The Fan?

For those of you who read ESPN's website often, you should know that James Walker has been the person covering the AFC North for awhile. Yesterday, he made his "goodbye" post, but he will be moving just one division over into the AFC East. The new person covering the AFC North is Jamison Hensley, who has covered the Baltimore Ravens for the past 11 years with the Baltimore Sun. It's always nice to have a Ravens fan who will be covering the Browns too! Hensley assures fans that he is well-informed on the entire division though:

I can rattle off the names of disappointing draft picks for the Browns just as easily as the quarterbacks who failed for the Ravens. I can even give you the number of gray hairs on this year's Pittsburgh defense (OK, just kidding).

One of Hensley's first thoughts about the Browns?

The Browns have to make sure their banged-up offensive line doesn't lead to a banged-up Colt McCoy. Neither Hicks nor Cousins will be able to handle Mathis one-on-one, so Cleveland has to double him by putting a tight end on the right side or chipping a running back there.

Most certainly.

In other news, I was wondering if anyone started listening more to 92.3 The Fan, since it has been on the past couple of weeks. If you have thoughts on the hosts and how the format compares to 850 WKNR, feel free to share them!