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Cleveland Browns vs. Indianapolis Colts - Official Game Thread

It's Week 2 in the NFL, and that means it is time for Cleveland Browns fans across the world to get excited all over again as the team looks to make up for last week's messy performance against the Cincinnati Bengals. The Indianapolis Colts looked lost last week without Peyton Manning, and while they are also looking for redemption this week, losing a player that the team was so dependent on might be too difficult to overcome.


Game: Cleveland Browns vs. Indianapolis Colts
Date/Time: Sunday, September 18, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. EST
Television: WOIO, Channel 19 (Cleveland)
Announcers: Marv Albert & Rich Gannon

This is the official game thread for the Browns vs. Colts match-up. Any comment regarding the game as it is taking place should go in this thread. As the number of comments increase during the game, there might be one or more "overflow" threads where the rest of the discussion will be continued.

As always, GO BROWNS!!!