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TE Evan Moore Signs Two-Year Contract Extension

If you didn't think the Cleveland Browns coaching staff had some big plans in store for tight end Evan Moore despite his outstanding training camp, then maybe this will change your mind: the team signed him to a two-year extension worth just under an average of $3 million per year, according to reports. The extension will keep Moore with the team through the 2013 season.

Although there hasn't been much for Moore to do in his previous two preseason games, he wowed fans with his ability to shield off defenders in camp and his two touchdowns in the second preseason game against the Detroit Lions.

With Benjamin Watson already on the roster and Moore likely to see a significant chunk of playing time with him, that seems to leave rookie Jordan Cameron out of a lot of situations. The Browns could technically treat Moore as a wideout and then bring in Watson and Cameron for a variation of a three tight-end set, but if they don't, is there a reason we'd need to see Cameron on the field to replace Watson or Moore? I don't think so.