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Pro Football Focus: Nuggets from the Colts Game

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Each week, Pro Football Focus takes a quick look back at each of the game's that took place in the previous week and analyzes them. Their review of the Browns vs. Colts game is now live. After the jump is a recap of some of the interesting things had to say, along with my own commentary.

  • I guess I was right to give Joshua Cribbs the game ball for this past Sunday, because now others are giving him recognition too. He was the AFC Special Teams Player of the Week, and PFF also praised the fact that his return abilities terrified the Colts and that he was dangerous on special teams. PFF says that Cribbs "looked more dangerous than they ever remember seeing him." Cribbs also made their All-PFF team for Week 2.
  • Oniel Cousins couldn’t block Robert Mathis, amongst others:

    This might point could be taken as read without the need for going through 45 snaps of football, but in case it wasn’t, we were given pretty definitive proof. Oniel Cousins finished with a -3.4 PFF grade, with a majority of it coming from his pass-protection.  He allowed four pressures on 23 pass-blocks, and while that doesn’t sound that bad, when he gave up pressure he was giving it up very fast.  The only good news for Cousins is that he wasn’t the only offensive linemen having a poor games, as both Jason Pinkston and Artis Hicks both struggled badly as well.

  • Defensive lineman Jabaal Sheard was praised for being all over the field, and Phil Taylor also received props. Both defensive ends, Jayme Mitchell and Sheard, reportedly played every single snap on defense. Four other defenders played every snap, but the specific players weren't mentioned.
  • Some positive news for Joe Thomas -- PFF believes that he generally held Dwight Freeney in check beyond the one early sack that he had.