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PFF: Never Too Early to Start Thinking, "Rookie of the Year"

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How about this -- a list where a member of the Cleveland Browns is a rookie of the year candidate? Strike that. A list where two members of the Cleveland Browns are rookie of the year candidates.

Right now, linebacker Von Miller and quarterback Cam Newton are at the top of Pro Football Focus' rookie of the year rankings, not surprisingly. Sitting at number three and number six on the list are defensive linemen Phil Taylor and Jabaal Sheard, respectively.

3. Phil Taylor, DT, Cleveland Browns, +5.7 (92 snaps)

So he hasn’t really been tested yet. So what. Taylor is fourth in our defensive tackle rankings after another solid showing. Leads all defensive tackles in stops with seven of them.

6. Jabaal Sheard, DE, Cleveland Browns, +3.3 (131 snaps)

An iron man who has missed just seven snaps in two games. So far making an impact with his pass rushing to the tune of one sack, two hits and three pressures in two games.

That's pretty darn good for a second-round draft choice to be getting so much recognition this early in the season. Even though the Browns have had a pair of fantastic offensive linemen drafted over the past decade, they typically aren't in the running for the rookie of the year award. This is really the first time the Browns' rookie draft class has made some early-season noise, and barring an injury, it seems like both of these guys are for real.