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The "Boldest" DBN Member Award Goes To...

Actually, by a majority vote, it goes to mooncamping.

What exactly is the "Boldest DBN Member Award," as part of this Guinness sponsorship? It really is open to interpretation. mooncamping stated in the voting thread that the award should go to a serious Browns fan, and that he felt it would be a little unfair for him to receive it since he isn't the type who prances around in Browns paraphernalia and has never been to a Browns game.

I don't think those are the only qualifications for the award. It speaks volumes that so many members instantly thought of mooncamping when they voted. He debuted at Dawgs By Nature on June 18, 2009, and although his mannerisms haven't completely changed, he has made the subtle transition from being an (no disrespect) "oddball" to now being a fun member to have around in the community. He often has the unrealistic and uncommon philosophies, but he isn't afraid to say so. He has taken a lot of jokes at his expense, but he seldom, if ever, trashes a member in response and even demonstrates a good sense of humor.

Let's go back to the time bank to see mooncamping's first ever post on DBN (actually, this is one of his comments in the first thread he ever posted in):

...Robiskie got open on corners from Texas, the SEC, and Vonte Davis, so I think he’ll be able to get open against #2s in the NFL. And, he’s definitely faster than a 30 year old Joe Jurevicious, who did just fine for the Browns.

by rufio on Jun 21, 2009 3:16 PM EDT

(mooncamping in response)

Your right on most of your assertions. But from what I gathered Robiskie does not get free based on speed, but his supposed superior body positioning, which in reality will simply get him plastered. College players play with abandon, if you know when to cut or not you´ll have a few yards leeway. The NFL is less forgiving.
I like to say: Give the players every opportunity to succeed, but do not give them chances to fail. If they want to run Robiskie with the other receivers because he is exemplary on fundamentals fine. But Furrey can do that, too. Joe Jurevicious is still out there, if you´d like to revise your comparison.
The 40´s are not timed with like laser sensors, there are guys hitting a button, at the beginning and at the end. I don´t have proof, but the times for all receivers were too fast to include the variety of receivers, and the times for the linebackers were too slow to include some of them.

Genius? I think so.

Here is the day he made the hilarious sudden switch to being a Browns fan after previously following the Broncos:

Also be sure to read his response to a member in that thread:

To tell you the truth Charlie Brown, I´ve already had my druthers when we got Smart Alec Mack, Kalooka Bazooka (he´s alright though), Taifuna Whackapuna, Mogwai Massaquoi, Brian Slowbiskie, two more midget cornerbacks, and a 7th round runningback. I know this is going to be a sore spot, but how you can pass up B.J. Raji to team up with Sean Rogers, geez whiz. I´m not going to get down on the Browns fans, seeing as I´m becoming one. [continued here]

mooncamping, we salute you for being the "Boldest" fan here on DBN!