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Phil Taylor and Mohamed Massaquoi Reportedly Fined

How criminal of Massaquoi.
How criminal of Massaquoi.

According to reports, two members of the Cleveland Browns have racked up fines: defensive tackle Phil Taylor and wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi. What did each of them do to warrant a fine?

As quarterback Chad Henne was scrambling to the sideline on a particular play, Taylor was chasing him down from the side. Henne barely started going into a slide as Taylor hit him. It's one of those judgment calls, but it seemed far from blatant on Taylor's part. His punishment was a $7,500 fine.

It's unclear how much Massaquoi was fined (or even if he was fined), but a comment he made to Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer that said, "we'll all split it," seems to indicate he was fined for going to the ground in celebration of his game-winning touchdown against Miami. That would be a very silly fine, especially when former head officiating Mike Periera said that he thought the penalty was picky.

Given the rules, should either played have been fined?