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Cleveland Browns Roster Cuts Take Roster Down to 63 Players

The Cleveland Browns have announced some of their roster cuts, with the rest expected to be released a little later today. Which players were cut earlier today? Find out after the jump...

Here is the official list of Browns players who have been cut so far:

Offensive Players

  • WR Demetrius Williams
  • WR L.J. Castile
  • WR Chris Matthews
  • TE Evan Frosch
  • OT Branndon Braxton
  • OT Phil Trautwein
  • OT Calton Ford

Defensive Players

  • DE Travis Ivey
  • DT Ko Quaye
  • DL Andre Carroll
  • LB Sidney Tarver
  • LB Steve Octavien
  • LB Eric Gordon
  • CB Carl Gettis
  • CB Coye Francies
  • CB Ramzee Robinson
  • S DeAngelo Smith

This puts the Browns roster at 63 players. So far, the only player I was incorrect on in my roster projection was Braxton, although I stated I had a hunch he wouldn't make it. Going based on my roster projection, the players I expect to be cut include QB Jarrett Brown, FB Tyler Clutts, RB Quinn Porter, WR Rod Windsor, OL Dominic Alford, OL Jarrod Shaw, DE Brian Sanford, DT Scott Paxson, LB Benjamin Jacobs and LB Archie Donald. I didn't include OL Oniel Cousins this time, because I assume he'll get a spot over Braxton now. Of the players on my "cut list" remaining, I had projected four of them to make the practice squad.