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The "Boldest" Fan Award Goes To...

Last week, I gave the "Boldest" DBN Member award to mooncamping. He graciously accepted the award by thanking us and declaring that he will now follow the Detroit Lions. He joined the Pride of Detroit website, our Lions affiliate, but has yet to post here or there since receiving the award. Come back soon, moon!

There is one more award to give away for this editorial series, and that goes to the "Boldest" Fan. This one is geared more toward the guy you are used to seeing at Cleveland Browns Stadium. I'd say that John Big Dawg Thompson is pretty recognizable, although I'm not so sure I've seen him around lately. You also have Dawg Pound Mike, who might feel pretty silly for dressing up in a french fry costume back when we thought Charlie Frye was our savior. He also had the weird protest with the front office awhile back. I don't think you can miss the Bone Lady either. Having a seat right behind her at the stadium might be kind of irritating though. Does their notoriety make them "Bold?" Who knows.

I really had no clue who to give this award to until last Sunday's game against the Miami Dolphins. I was so happy after the Browns won the game that I immediately rewound the broadcast to Mohamed Massaquoi's game-winning touchdown catch. I was caught off guard by a fan who seemed to be celebrating with Massaquoi and company after the catch. I'm surprised the guy got that close to the action before being apprehended. I like Deadspin's reaction to the incident:

But this enterprising Browns fan timed his trespass exquisitely, didn't he? CBS' television cameras had just captured Mohamed Massaquoi's leaping catch with 43 seconds remaining in yesterday's win over the Dolphins. Massaquoi was soon being congratulated by teammates Benjamin Watson and Joshua Cribbs. And along came Some Dude, at just the right moment. Some Dude thus managed to earn a split-second of face-time before the production crew cut away to a crowd shot. Well done, dumbass.

Am I really going to call this guy the Boldest fan? Na. Instead, I'll give it to the cop who was awesomely high-fiving fans near the incident, presumably just before the fan ran onto the field. Well played, sir.