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DE Quinton Spears Reportedly Signed by Cleveland Browns

You might be able to chalk up another waiver claim for the Cleveland Browns, who reportedly added defensive end Quinton Spears to their 53-man roster. Spears was an undrafted free agent with the Miami Dolphins who showed some good pass rush in the preseason, according to reports.

Spears is 6-4, 234 pounds, which seems to make him a bit undersized. He is listed as a defensive end, but I wonder if the Browns might be interested in using him at linebacker instead since they are not as deep at that position. During the preseason, Spears had two tackles, one sack, two hits on the quarterback, one tackle for a loss, and one pass deflection. Once again, there is no word on who the Browns waived to make room for Spears.

With two people added to the 53-man roster today, it seems like a defensive lineman currently on the roster, such as Auston English or Scott Paxson, could be removed. As for the other person that needs to be waived, that could come from receiver, tight end, or safety.