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Browns Waive Ben Jacobs, Auston English, and Derreck Robinson; Practice Squad Announced

The Cleveland Browns signed defensive end Emmanuel Stephens off waivers from the Atlanta Falcons. Stephens, an undrafted free agent from the 2010 season, had seven tackles, one sack, one quarterback hit, and one tackle for a loss in the preseason. He was on Atlanta's practice squad all of last season. The signing of Stephens was the third of the day. The first two involved QB Thaddeus Lewis and LB Quinton Spears.

To make room for the three new players, the Browns waived the following three players:

  • DT Derreck Robinson
  • DE Auston English
  • LB Benjamin Jacobs

I'm not overly surprised to see Robinson go. It shows the team has faith in Scott Paxson and Brian Schaefering stepping up their games to be in the defensive end rotation. As far as English and Jacobs go, they are both probably practice squad bound. If that is the case, they will join the following six players, who were already signed to the team's practice squad:


  1. FB Tyler Clutts
  2. RB Quinn Porter
  3. WR Rod Windsor
  4. OG Dominic Alford
  5. OG Jarrod Shaw
  6. DL Brian Sanford

It looks like QB Jarrett Brown, LB Brian Smith, CB Coye Francies, and S DeAngelo Smith, among others, will not make the practice squad.