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Shurmur Contacting Offensive Coordinator Candidates By Phone

Here is a quick update regarding the Cleveland Browns' search for an offensive coordinator: according to the Akron Beacon Journal, head coach Pat Shurmur has been talking to candidates over the phone. The ABJ states that it is unclear whether any formal interviews have taken place yet; my guess is that they have not.

Shurmur is keeping his list of candidates private, but he is exclusively looking for someone with experience in the West Coast Offense. If Brad Childress doesn't get a head coaching gig with the Buccaneers, I think he remains Cleveland's top candidate. If Childress doesn't work out, then I'm anticipating the team will hire a position coach looking to move up in the league (much like when Eric Mangini gave Brian Daboll an opportunity a few years back). Besides a Childress or a newcomer, I don't think the team can lure a proven coordinator on the offensive side of the ball. Hopefully we'll here some rumors next week about more of the candidates so this hiring process doesn't get dragged out beyond the Super Bowl.