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Mel Kiper's First Mock Draft: Browns Take RG III and Wright

If Robert Griffin III really is "the guy" for the Browns, how in the world are Tom Heckert and company going to be able to project whether they should stay at No. 4 and wait for him, or trade up (possibly unnecessarily) a couple of picks? That is the question we'll be seeing in a lot of mock drafts, including Mel Kiper's first edition. Kiper has the Browns taking RG III with the No. 4 pick, and then WR Kendall Wright with the No. 22 pick. The insider article is here, but the excerpts about the Browns' two picks are listed after the jump.

No. 4 - Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor

If a team moves ahead of the Browns for Griffin, they also could be in play for Blackmon, or even the guy I have at No. 5, Trent Richardson. However, the questions on Colt McCoy's ceiling as a starting NFL quarterback are getting louder, and if the Browns don't go after a solution such as Matt Flynn, a quarterback certainly could be in play here. Griffin made big strides this past season, particularly with his deep accuracy. He is a big-time athlete at the quarterback position but has developed a very good pocket presence and the ability to read the game, and his big arm comes with a nice touch on intermediate throws. He is a leader and has intangibles that should really impress evaluators during the draft process.

No. 22 - Kendall Wright, WR, Baylor

Quietly, Wright had a season that almost matched Blackmon's in the Big 12. The Browns might not end up with Griffin with the No. 4 pick, but his teammate would make a lot of sense here. Greg Little is a developing big target and had a pretty good rookie season given the overall performance of the Cleveland offense. Wright is smaller at about 5-10, 190 pounds, but could add a speed threat this offense really needs. He can beat teams over the top with straight-line speed but also works underneath and will do a lot of damage after the catch. The Browns need weapons, and Wright, who also has great hands, fits the profile.

That would be pretty unique to get both players from Baylor. You wouldn't have to worry much about who Griffin's favorite target would be.

Hat tip to johnf34 for posting about this as a FanShot.