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Randy Lerner Interviewed on WTAM 1100

Cleveland Browns owner Randy Lerner was interviewed on WTAM 1100 Wednesday afternoon. The audio of the interview has been placed on the official team website. I haven't had time to listen to the interview, but after the jump is a brief summary that a user from the OBR posted when they listened to the interview live.

He sounds like he expects to stay with this front office for a long time. Seems tired of constant change and really thinks he's got it right this time. Most of this interview was focused along those lines. Interesting tidbits:

1. Has moved back to Cleveland full time, spends most days in Berea. Office right next to Holmgren.

2. Does not think owning Aston Villa affects his attention to Browns. Is still a Browns fan from birth.

3. Both he and Holmgren get very frustrated and angry about the losing, but know they have to be patient.

4. Has total faith that this front office will get it done.

5. Thinks last draft was very good, thinks things are headed in the right direction.

If you give the interview a listen, let us know anything interesting that you encounter.