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Plain Dealer: Browns Requesting Funding in Advance for Repairs to Stadium

Random Fan.
Random Fan.

When it comes to the Cleveland Browns, the team isn't the only thing that needs "repaired" -- the stadium needs some work done as well. According to an article written by the Plain Dealer's Thomas Ott, the Browns want the city of Cleveland to spend $5.8 million "right now" for stadium repairs.

Per the article, the organization's 30-year lease with the city calls for the city to set aside $850,000 each year for major repairs. If the Browns receive additional funding this year, they will forgo that amount each year for the following six years.

The money the Browns would get for repairs this year would include an estimated $1.2 million for refurbishing club seats on the north and south sides of the stadium and at the east end zone. Another $750,000 will pay to waterproof the concrete under those seats. Most of the rest of the $5.8 million would go for replacement and repair of concrete on interior ramps and walkways and a plaza outside the stadium.

If the Browns receive additional funding this year, you have to imagine they'll still find a way to pull in some money over the next couple of years.