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Colt McCoy "Fully Recovered", and Mike Holmgren is Enamored With Some QB

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I stumbled upon a tweet made by the Plain Dealer's Mary Kay Cabot yesterday, which simply stated the following: "QB Colt McCoy fully recovered from concussion and feeling good, league source said." That's good news, because the Pro Bowl is in two weeks, and when McCoy gets named as a last-second tenth alternate, he'll be ready.

In all seriousness, it's good to hear that McCoy is good-to-go again, even though there weren't really any fears about his availability for next season. Seneca Wallace did not distance himself from McCoy in his three starts by any means, so until we officially hear that the organization has signed or drafted a new quarterback, it is best to continue giving McCoy the support we gave him most of the season.

While we're on the topic of quarterback, our Washington Redskins affiliate just posted a story regarding Mike Holmgren's fascination with a quarterback in this year's draft class.

I had one chance to ask him a question, and I had to think quick. After introducing myself as a Redskins fan, I asked Holmgren, "Do the Redskins have any business trading up for a quarterback given all the holes they have on their roster right now?"

Without ANY hesitation, Mike Holmgren answered, "Absolutely...oh yeah. For that quarterback? Definitely." It just seemed to be implied that we were talking about Robert Griffin III.

Read the rest of the story for some more commentary on the author's encounter with Holmgren. The author states that he believes because of Holmgren's demeanor when making the comment, he believes Holmgren loves RG III so much that the Browns will most certainly do anything to draft him, including trading up.

I have a couple of issues with making that assumption. First off, how do we know Holmgren was referring to Griffin III and now Andrew Luck? I know the Colts seem set on Luck, but to me it is Luck who seems to be the clear cut guy you would make that type of statement about. Second, the question was about the Redskins, not the Browns. The Redskins had no quarterback that they were set on last year, while the Browns at least had a full-year (mostly) commitment to McCoy, a guy who could very well start again next season.

Interesting stuff, but as is the case with most rumors, I'm not going to jump out of my seat and buy it until I hear something more concrete.