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NFL Playoff Challenge: How Have You Fared?

For those of you who participated in the Playoff Challenge, how have your teams fared so far? My original strategy was to load up on the Packers and the Patriots. I went with an alternative strategy at running back, picking Darren Sproles from the Saints and Arian Foster from the Texans. I figured I would get at least two weeks of production out of both backs, and that those two weeks of value would yield better long-term results than the x4 that a Patriots or Packers running back would get me. That running back strategy worked perfectly fine for me, as both backs did very well in their two games before getting eliminated.

My issue was that the Packers fell to the Giants last week. That pretty much ended my chances at doing anything "impressive" the rest of the way; Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, Mason Crosby, and the Packers' defense all went away, with none of them really even lighting it up in the one week they were used. Oh well. I don't have a chance to win now, but for the fun of still playing, I've shifted to Patriots/Giants players.

My brother's team is in much better shape. He picked all Patriots and Giants players from the get go, meaning he'll get x3 from all of his players this week, and possibly x4 for everyone in the Super Bowl. The issue he had is that he picked Victor Cruz over Hakeem Nicks from the beginning, and he also took Eli Manning over Tom Brady.