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Weather Conditions for NFL Championship Games

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I always love watching an NFL game where two teams are competing in snowy conditions, but it seems like the 2011-2012 season has really lacked in games under those conditions. With the New England Patriots hosting one final playoff game on Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens, will we be treated to snowy conditions? Unfortunately, current weather conditions are calling for it to be sunny and about 30 degrees in Boston. (sigh of depression)

When the Green Bay Packers lost last week, we knew the San Francisco 49ers would get to host a playoff game for the second week in a row. When they faced the Saints, it was sunny with temperatures in the 60s. I thought we'd see similar conditions this week, but as it turns out, the NFC Championship game is the one that could present some interesting challenges due to the weather:

Forecasters predict that two more weather systems will hit the Bay Area before Monday, which threatens to turn the turf at Candlestick Park into a soggy mess as the 49ers and New York Giants mud-wrestle for the right to advance to Super Bowl XLVI. It's possible that the latter system could hit during the title game, or it might hold off until later on Sunday night.

The weather might not be as much of a detriment to the Giants though as it would've been to the Saints last week. The Giants aren't a dome team, and they're coming off a win in the cold conditions of Lambeau Field. Still, if the conditions are muddy, you have to believe that the Giants' pass rushers will suffer.