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Brad Seely to Interview for Colts' Head Coaching Job

The Cleveland Browns sure do have a lot of former assistants or coaches who have been considered for coaching vacancies as of late. Romeo Crennel is the Chiefs new head coach, Mel Tucker was an interim head coach for the Jaguars, and Rob Chudzinski is one of the candidates for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers gig.

The latest assistant to get a big-time interview? Former Browns special teams coordinator Brad Seely, who spent this season with the San Francisco 49ers. Despite Kyle Williams' two critical errors on special teams this past Sunday, the Browns and 49ers were among the best special teams units in the league under Seely. indicates that two sources have told them that Seely is scheduled to interview for the Indianapolis Colts' head coaching vacancy on Wednesday.

This certainly doesn't mean Seely is close to getting the job or anything. It seems like Jim Irsay has made it a mission to interview as many candidates as possible, and why not: you want to make sure you have a coach that makes Peyton Manning happy, and fits well with the inevitable selection of Andrew Luck.

If there's one thing I can say about Seely, it is that he seemed to have a knack for quickly gaining the respect of his players as they always gave maximum effort for him. On a team like Indianapolis where Manning already controls the offense himself (pretty much), Seely might just be the ideal fit. Also, remember that when he was with Cleveland on Eric Mangini's staff, Seely also carried the title, "assistant head coach."