Big Mack 2012 NFL Mock Draft Edition 1.0

Hello everyone, and welcome to another of probably a huge amount of drafts that will surface from various people, from now until the draft starts, in late April. I had made this draft a few weeks ago, and wanted to wait until the combine passed to post this, but seeing the Senior Bowl stuff had gotten me motivated to post this now. Just so you know, I did not do all that much research on these players, I mainly went to walterfootball and looked at their little scouting report and avoided players with injuries. I also looked at the projected draft round to determine where we would pick them at. I did not account for the other teams drafting, I just did the obvious and didn't have us taking Luck in the second round, for example. So here is the first edition of my mock draft.

In this edition of my mock draft, I have drafted with the assumption we would not trade, and in not trading, we might lose out on RG3. So this will proceed as if the first three picks are, in order, Luck, Griffin, then Kalil.

1: WR Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State- Having no opportunity at RG3 makes Blackmon an obvious choice. We NEED a receiver. There is no way around it. Little has potential, and other than him, Massaquoi is the closest thing we have to an adequate receiver.

1(2nd): DE Whitney Mercilus, Illinois- Going with a D-Lineman in the first round of consecutive drafts seems unnecessary, but with Mercilus at the other spot across from Jabaal Sheard looks too good to pass up. If he can have a year even remotely similar to Jabaal's rookie year, our line would be a force to be reckoned with.

2nd: OLB LaVonte David, Nebraska- A linebacker. Yes. It seemed that Gocong and Maiava improved a bit, but I'm not sure they can keep it up. Maybe Gocong can, they did extend his contract. This pick would finish out our defense except for Safety, which we have been scraping by with Adams and Young. Most teams didn't pass much against us anyway plus the fact that Haden rarely gives any receivers any room for the Safeties to be needed anyway.

3rd: OT Ricky Wagner, Wisconsin- This will be short. A tackle from UJT, what more needs to be said.

4th: QB Nick Foles, Arizona- Nick Foles has interested me for some time now and he may not fall to round 4 at this point, but the fact we draft a QB is more important that who the QB actually is. But, Nick Foles could easily out compete McCoy, especially when we have Blackmon from the first round.

4(2nd): RB Doug Martin, Boise State- A bit short at 5'9" and 215 lbs, he seems to be the perfect back to go along with Hillis(Assuming he is still here.) I looked a bit more about this guy. He seems to be fast, but not prone to shying away from contact. Not spectacular at anything, but good at everything, and the more a single player can do to help the Browns offense the better. We need to get good before we can become spectacular.

5th: CB Cameron Chism, Maryland- Depth. I guess. I really like Patterson and Skrine, so we don't NEED a CB but, Sheldon Brown can't play forever. Plus I saw the early season game between Maryland and Miami, and I couldn't go two minutes without hearing his name.

6th: G James Brooks, Virginia Tech- Again not much to say. I think Pinkston and to a lesser extent Lavauo, looked to be really improved toward the end of the season. And if Steinbach can come back as good as he was before, we won't even try for a guard, but not much else to do here, so that's what I came up with.

7th: S Sean Cattouse, California- How many seventh round draft picks have you heard of? I had no clue what to do here but I figured I go with a safety because we could use one, and I hadn't drafted one yet. So pretty much a guess-pick.

I may or may not update this in a later post, but for now, I think it is pretty good. If you guys like my analysis enough, I could even change it around for if Griffin falls to the fourth pick. Feel free to change it around, criticize, do whatever. The blog seems kinda slow lately so, I wanted to get some non-QB talk stirring and I know I have a QB in here but take this as a whole. Nick Foles is there solely to create competition. Enjoy.

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