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PFF: Current and Former Browns Safeties Thrive at Tackling

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I think we just captured one of Young's three missed tackles on the season.
I think we just captured one of Young's three missed tackles on the season.

Pro Football Focus' latest review of the 2011 season takes a look at how well the safeties in the league tackled. Thankfully, none of the members of the Browns were ranked among the worst in tackle efficiency. In fact, it was quite the contrary -- both current and former Browns were among the league's best in this regard.

Let's start with this category covered by PFF: the top 20 tackling safeties in coverage, and how many tackles they missed. Coming in first place on the list was former Browns safety Abram Elam. There were 37 times in which he had an opportunity to make a tackle in coverage, and he didn't miss a single one. Eight other safeties shared this same achievement (not allowing a missed tackle in coverage), including Mike Adams. Adams had 20 attempts and made the tackle every time. Not too far behind was Usama Young, placing at No. 10 overall. He was the only player who missed just 1 tackle in coverage (on 27 attempts).

The other category that PFF featured was "The Surest Twenty." This included every possible play, not just pass plays. Adams wasn't on this list, but T.J. Ward and Young were. Young missed just 3 tackles all season on 57 attempts, coming in at No. 4 on the list. Ward ranked No. 6 overall, missing just 2 tackles on 34 attempts. PFF specifically pointed out this achievement by the duo:

The Browns also find themselves with a pair of players inside the Top 10, with Usama Young and T.J. Ward combining for just five missed tackles. To put that into some perspective, Tanard Jackson missed five tackles in a single game, against the Saints in Week 9.

Nice. Adams is a free agent this offseason, but I don't think the position will undergo much change next season unless Sheldon Brown makes the switch to safety.