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DBN Staff Member Update; Now Seeking Social Media Assistance

First off, I would like to thank everyone who applied to our "help wanted" advertisement a couple of days ago. I received a lot of responses from qualified individuals, but Simmsinns had the type of qualifications that made him impossible to pass up. He has been a member of Dawgs By Nature for close to three years, has been one of the site's most active non-staff contributors, has operated an alternative fantasy football league, and more. His history of creative posts and his pursuit of a degree in journalism will make him a great fit for our staff. (Side note: Simmsinns will be posting under another screen name, Jon @ DBN, and officially begins on February 1)

To everyone else who applied: I might still contact a few of you to see if you would be interested in writing a weekly feature, or something along those lines. No compensation would be associated with these positions.

ANOTHER ANNOUNCEMENT: Now that we have a new staff member aboard, we are looking for a few other people who would be interested in helping grow the site in terms of social media (note: this is a volunteer job only). To this point, our Facebook and Twitter pages have been nothing more than a link dump of every post that is made on the site. What I need is to have a team of maybe three-four people who can really engage users through those platforms, whether it be asking random questions, answering mailbags (like a Q&A), or doing anything you can to increase the number of "fans" for each platform. As long as you don't call Randy Lerner an irrelevant billionaire, you should be good!

Current and non-current staff members can apply for this 'position.' Qualified individuals would include anyone who is kind of obsessed with social media. If you are interested, please contact me at and briefly explain which tool you would use (Twitter, Facebook, or both), and if it is the type of thing you could see yourself using daily.