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Latest SB Nation NFL Mock Draft: Browns Take Blackmon and Tannehill

SB Nation just released the latest edition of their 2012 NFL Mock Draft, and unlike last time, they do not have the Cleveland Browns trading up to acquire Robert Griffin III. Instead, they have the Washington Redskins trading up to acquire RG3, meaning the Browns are forced into a new pick at No. 4 overall (which also changed the pick at No. 22 overall). With those two picks, SB Nation has the Browns taking WR Justin Blackmon and QB Ryan Tannehill. The explanations are after the jump.

4. Cleveland Browns, Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State

It seems like the Browns always have a lot of needs. Last time I had the Browns moving up for Griffin, but that's not guaranteed to happen. With so many needs to fill, giving away first round picks hurts their efforts to field a winner, so they don't trade this pick. Adding an offensive talent, like Blackmon, will make them more competitive, regardless of the quarterback.

22. Cleveland Browns (from Atlanta), Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M

Someone is going to draft Tannehill in the first round. Brandon Weeden might get pick in the top 32 as well. Tannehill lacks experience, but he possesses a natural grasp of the fundamentals and works well outside the pocket. Unlike Colt McCoy, he possesses a legit NFL arm and accuracy all over the field.

Hmmm, the top-rated wide receiver in the draft, followed by a quarterback who isn't the top prospect of the draft, but is in the mix for the first/second round. That sounds like the same exact formula used by the Cincinnati Bengals last year, when they ended up with Andy Dalton and A.J. Green, a duo that both participated in the Pro Bowl in their rookie seasons.