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Around the AFC North (1/31): Todd Haley to Pittsburgh?

In today's edition of Around the AFC North, we take a look at who the Steelers' next offensive coordinator could be, who the Ravens' new quarterbacks coach is, and whether Bengals fans want Chad Ochocinco to get a Super Bowl ring, even though he hasn't had to do much all season.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Todd Haley for Offensive Coordinator?

After being fired part-way through the 2011 season by the Chiefs and replaced by Romeo Crennel, Todd Haley could be close to joining the Pittsburgh Steelers as their new offensive coordinator. The Steelers lost Bruce Arians to retirement, which was funny considering he landed the same gig with the Colts a few days later.

Despite the ramblings of naysayers, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin is reportedly interviewing Todd Haley for the team's offensive coordinator position. The news came on the Steelers own web site, the first story appearing on there referring to the job opening since a story with quotes from Tomlin after former offensive coordinator Bruce Arians' alleged retirement.

Baltimore Ravens: Jim Caldwell Named Quarterbacks Coach

Haley? Brad Childress? Jim Caldwell? I guess the AFC North is the hot spot for former head coaches to become coordinators/position coaches.

Caldwell will now be counted on to help Joe Flacco be more consistent with the Ravens. Having worked with Peyton Manning for so long he should have a good idea of how to run a high powered offense. Hopefully he and Joe can quickly develop some chemistry as it has been rumored that Joe and offensive coordinator Cam Cameron often do not see eye to eye.

Sorry, but no one can help Joe Flacco. /flacco hate

Cincinnati Bengals: A Super Bowl Ring for Ochocinco?

Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson is one of the most enigmatic players in the history of the Cincinnati Bengals. With a Patriots win in the Super Bowl this Sunday, Ochocinco can cement his name with the select group in the NFL that have the title of "World Champion".

As of this post, 39% want Ochocinco to get a ring. 26% don't want him to get one, 9% are torn in between, and 25% just don't care. Browns fans would probably fall into the last category, but remember that the poll is supposed to be the results from Bengals fans.