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D'Qwell Jackson Reflects on This Past Season

Cleveland Browns linebacker D'Qwell Jackson appeared on Cleveland Browns Daily today to reflect on this past season. The official team site posted a brief recap of what Jackson had to say on their Twitter account:

"We have the guys to get it done; it's a matter of executing in the 4th quarter and making plays when we need to."

"4-12 is tough to swallow. I hate losing, but we have to be optimistic."

"Before that last game, I was nervous (about finishing the year healthy)."

"Next year I firmly believe we should be in the playoffs with the group we have here."

I thought it was remarkable that Jackson did make it through the entire season healthy, and I think he definitely deserves consideration for the league's Comeback Player of the Year award. Another positive thing to consider when listening to Jackson is that he emphasizes the word "we" when referring to the team's potential next season. Jackson will be a free agent, and Jackson's confidence that he'll be back is another sign that the two sides have to be close to agreeing to a new deal.