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Tim Tebow Just Beat the Pittsburgh Steelers

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That. Just Happened.

I thought it could only happen in a dream, but no. That dream became a reality. Cleveland Browns fans were Tim Tebow fans today, and by golly, he delivered against the Pittsburgh Steelers, leading the Denver Broncos to a 29-23 victory in overtime.

He made James Harrison look like a joke all game long. In fact, most of the Steeler defenders were taken to school by Tebow. His final line? 10-of-21 for 316 yards and 2 touchdown passes. That is an astounding 31.6 yards per completion. He also ran it 10 times for 50 yards and 1 touchdown.

Sure, Tebow had a great supporting cast today, such as his offensive line and wide receiver Demaryius Thomas, who went over 200 yards receiving on 4 catches, including the game-winning 80-yard score on the first play of overtime. But for most of the game, you had to love Tebow sticking it right to the Steelers. No talk of a backup quarterback like Brady Quinn needing to come in, or the Steelers' defense being too much for the Broncos to handle. Tebow eliminated the Steelers from the playoffs, and it's time for Browns fans across the world to start partying.

(side note: by Denver winning, Cleveland's second first-round draft choice in April also improves from No. 23 overall to No. 22 overall).