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Rufio's Film Room: Giants II

Rufio's Film Room: Breaking Down Good Signs from the Cleveland Browns' Offense in Week 5.

Alex Trautwig - Getty Images

Welcome back to the film room.

In this edition, I have chosen to look at some positive things from our week 5 matchup vs the Giants. First, I looked at our continued use of "packaged" plays. A great sign of things to come (I hope) was our use of draws to keep the defense from locking in on our passing game--after the ravens game it was encouraging to see us use the draw so much. Lastly, I took a look at Trent Richardson being a beast.

Here it is:

Packaged runs and passes


Trent Richardson

With the Browns beating the Bengals this week and again scoring 27 offensive points, I'm sure there will be plenty of good things to break down in the near future.

Thanks for tuning in!

(I need more words. More words here. Praise be to Joe. Eleven and five starts today! steelers suck, ravens suck, go Browns.)