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SB Nation Week 7 NFL Power Rankings: Browns at No. 30 After Win

The Browns are ranked No. 30 overall after winning their first game of the season this past Sunday.

In SB Nation's Week 7 NFL Power Rankings, Joel Thorman has the Cleveland Browns as the No. 30 ranked team, which is up one spot from last week. Dropping behind the Browns are the Kansas City Chiefs, who are now the lowest-ranked team in the league. If you're wondering if Thorman is biased, I guess this answers it, because he is a die-hard Chiefs fan. Either that, or it just goes to show how bad Kansas City has been.

The Oakland Raiders also fell behind the Browns, and understandably so. However, I still will not rest until the Jacksonville Jaguars are ranked lower than the Browns. Seriously -- how in the world are they still at No. 29 overall? Here's what Joel said about the Browns:

30. Cleveland Browns (LW: 31, 1-5): The Browns are on the board. That's win No. 1 of the season.

Here is how the rest of the AFC North fared in the rankings:

Baltimore: No. 2 (up from No. 4) Rising
Pittsburgh: No. 16 (down from No. 8) Falling
Cincinnati: No. 17 (down from No. 13) Falling
Cleveland: No. 30 (up from No. 31) Rising

I think it is an awful decision to move the Ravens up to No. 2 overall. Yes, they came away with a huge win over the Cowboys to have a two-game lead in the division, but the injuries to Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb are too devestating. Even with those two guys, the Ravens aren't the No. 2 team overall. The Steelers rightfully took a steep drop, and the Bengals are probably in the right type of area as well.