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Dawg Cast: Indy Week

Dawgs By Nature sits down with Brad Wells of Stampede Blue and Ryan Alton of SBNation Cleveland to talk Browns and Colts, and more importantly, the Browns new ownership.

Doug Pensinger


Real life caught up to me the previous two weeks, so I apologize. But this week, we have a packed Dawg Cast. First I set everything up, introduce our guests and try my best to explain why I was in "fear monger" mode. Plus I let everyone know who will be joining the Dawg Cast next week and open the floor up to questions.

Some members have asked that I break up the segments so it is easier for repeated listening. You ask, I deliver.

Dawg Cast: Indy Week Intro

Brad Wells is a lead writer for "Stampede Blue" the Colts SBNation website. He was awesome to talk to, and really has some fantastic contacts when it comes to the Colts. Plus we touch on the ownership issue and what the other teams in the NFL think about the Browns

Dawg Cast: Indy Week Brad Wells

Ryan Alton is a writer for SBNation Cleveland, a sit that everyone here should be checking out. Ryan and I had a good back and forth on twitter during the Mike Holmgren announcement, and I thought there would be no one better to bring in. Give a listen and go ahead and check him out on twitter.

Dawg Cast: Indy Week Ryan Alton

And lastly, I am excited to announce a promotion that we are having here on DBN. If we get to 1,000 followers on the Dawgs By Nature Facebook page, we will be opening the Dawg Cast up to a few followers. All you have to do is hit the like button. Once we get to 1k, we will draw names to have an open mic night on DBN.

Dawg Cast: Indy Week Close and Prediction

Thanks again for listening, spread the word. Anyone who RT's the DawgCast link on twitter may be brought in next week for a 5 minute segment of their own.

Yes, this may seem corny, but we need to get the word out about Dawgs By Nature. After all, what better gift can we give to other Browns fans than the gift of DBN?