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Pick 6 Fantasy Football on DBN - Results & Week 5 Reminder

If you would have picked WR Brian Hartline last week, you would have been in great shape for Pick 6 Football.

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

It's time to review the results of last week's Pick 6 Football game, brought to you by SB Nation. The concept of the game is simple: each week, you pick six players (QB, RB, WR, TE, K, FLEX) using a $120 budget.

This week is being labeled as CLEARANCE WEEK, meaning you can find a lot of special bargains this week only! If you felt you were struggling at this game before, maybe you can come up with a top performing lineup without worrying about running out of money.

Congratulations to DBN member D all Day for being at the top of our site's leaderboard in Week 4 with 104.1 points. That score was also good enough for 2nd place out of all SB Nation members, which is a tremendous feat! A member of our Bills affiliate got first place for the third time in four weeks. Listed below are the top five finishers from Dawgs By Nature in Week 4, and a breakdown of D all Day's team.

Rank Player Score
1 D all Day
2 Michael Pokorny
3 Chalmdeezy
4 tbone66
5 notthatnoise 83.3

I finished in 6th place in Week 4 on DBN, which is my highest finish to date. Below, you can see that D all Day's team.

D all Day's Week 4 Team

Position Player Price Points
QB Peyton Manning $25.25 25.4
RB Marshawn Lynch $48.00 21.5
WR Anquan Boldin $19.75 13.1
TE Scott Chandler $10.00 18.2
K Mike Nugent $0.50 9.0
FLEX Alfred Morris $15.50 16.9
Total: 104.1

Now that Week 4 is over, it's time to set your Week 5 lineups! Feel free to talk about last week's results or some of the strategies you are shooting for this week. Remember, the deadline for setting your Week 5 lineup is Thursday night, right before the start of Thursday Night Football.