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Daily Dawg Chow (10/25/12)

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE


Cleveland Browns:


  • "Bills DE Williams has 'procedure' on left wrist" (AP) - "Mario Williams is not expected to miss any games after the Buffalo Bills high-priced defensive end had what the team called ''a procedure'' to relieve discomfort in his injured left wrist."
  • "Eli Manning appreciates 'gift'" (ESPN) - "Cornerback DeAngelo Hall believes the Washington Redskins gave the game-winning 77-yard touchdown bomb to Eli Manning and Victor Cruz on Sunday."
  • "Warren Moon defends Cam Newton" (ESPN) - "Quarterback Cam Newton has come under fire this season as he and the Carolina Panthers have struggled. Hall of Famer Warren Moon says the second-year player is getting too much of the blame and claims there's a troubling racial undertone to the criticism."
  • "Fan poll finds Ndamukong Suh is NFL’s least-liked player" (PFT) - "Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh said this week in response to the latest accusation that he’s a dirty player that he doesn’t care what people think. That’s good, because most people don’t think much of Suh."