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Week 8 NFL Picks: Something Scary is in the Air as Halloween Approaches

Karl Walter

I went 10-3 with my predictions in Week 7, bringing my season record to 57-47. Let's see if I can keep up my positive momentum this week. My write-ups for Week 8 will be a tad shorter this week, but each one will have a "Halloween"-ish theme to them, in the sense that I'll talk about something that scares me (good or bad) about one or more of the teams

Week 8 Games Explanation Pick
vs. Headline: The Buccaneers' run defense is pretty scary -- so much so that Adrian Peterson might even have a tough time running against them. Minnesota has found ways to win this year, though, and I don't even think they've reached their peak. The thing that's really scary is the fact that the Buccaneers' secondary features Eric Wright and Brandon McDonald. Vikings 20, Buccaneers 14
vs. Headline: Do you know what team doesn't scare me anymore? The Pittsburgh Steelers. That's not to say they won't make the postseason in a weak division, but their running back situation has been injury-plagued, and their defense can't make the game-changing plays anymore. I'd love to see Robert Griffin III go off on the Steelers' defense...and I think he will. Redskins 23, Steelers 20
vs. Headline: Both of these teams feature some pretty stingy run defenses, even if Seattle struggled to stop Frank Gore last week. I've been stunned by Matthew Stafford's awful start to the season, but the thing that'll be really scary is when he finally snaps out of it -- and I think it happens here against Seattle. Lions 27, Seahawks 13
vs. Headline: I think the Bears have the scariest defense in the league right now. I would not want to be a quarterback facing them on third-and-long. The Panthers have flat out stunk offensively this year, so that doesn't bode well for them against Chicago. Bears 26, Panthers 6
vs. Headline: It's scary how good Matt Ryan and the Falcons have become this year -- even when Ryan struggles early, he has the weapons to help them rally right back into a game. Any time Michael Vick drops back to pass, I'd be scared as an Eagles fan; there's probably a 50 percent chance that the play will end in a turnover or a sack. Falcons 23, Eagles 13
vs. Headline: I would have been scared of the Patriots' chances here, but then I remembered that this wasn't a true home game for the Rams since they are playing in London. I doubt it happens, but it'd be great if Danny Amendola returned so we could see him and Wes Welker playing in the same game. The Rams have been competitive this year, but I think the Patriots put on a show here. Patriots 28, Rams 17
vs. Headline: I was pretty spooked at how Chris Johnson could flip a switch for a near 200-yard game last week, when he could previously be grateful just to rush for 20 yards in a single game. The AFC in general is scary when you think that with a win here, the Titans could be a wildcard seed halfway through the season. Don't ask why, but I think they pull off another stunner here. Titans 30, Colts 24
vs. Headline: If I'm any NFL team, I should be scared about the Jets using Tim Tebow against my defense. Unfortunately, the Jets don't get creative enough and have seldom used Tebow. The Dolphins are still a difficult team for me to get a read on, so I'll take the Jets at home. Jets 20, Dolphins 17
vs. Headline: Blaine Gabbert vs. Aaron Rodgers? OK, maybe nothing before this paragraph has really been scary...but this? This will be like a live murder scene on the football field. Packers 40, Jaguars 7
vs. Headline: For Matt Cassel, the thing that's scary is when you wake up in the morning and realize that, yes, Brady Quinn has actually replaced you as the Chiefs' starting quarterback. With that said, I like Jamaal Charles coming off the bye, and Kansas City also gets Peyton Hillis back. Chiefs 24, Raiders 17
vs. Headline: I'd be scared to death of facing Eli Manning and the Giants' offense in the fourth quarter of any game. No lead is safe. The Giants will get revenge here for their opening day loss against the Cowboys. Giants 27, Cowboys 24
vs. Headline: The Saints' pass defense is scary bad, and Peyton Manning is scary good. The Broncos have been falling behind in every game they've played in, and they really need to stop doing that if they are going to end up securing the division later on down the road. For anyone who loves watching offense, or has fantasy football players from this game, you'll be very happy. Broncos 42, Saints 35
vs. Headline: OK, maybe I was a little premature about the murder scene in Jacksonville vs. Green Bay, because we're going to have a scary massacre here too when San Francisco's defense rips apart John Skelton. The saving grace for the Cardinals is that their defense can keep this game respectable. 49ers 24, Cardinals 13
vs. Headline: Am I scared as a Browns fan? Because of how competitive the Browns have been, I'm not scared about our chances of "hanging" with another team. I am scared about getting my hopes up for the "nth" time this season late in a game, only to see Cleveland fall short again. The Chargers are coming off a bye and looking to avenge their collapse two weeks ago. My full game preview and prediction will go live on Saturday, so stay tuned to DBN.
Teams on the Bye Week

Survivor Pick:
I am 3-4 in survivor, as my three-game winning streak ended last week when the Bills blew it against the Titans. I tried to get cute with my pick, and I paid the price. With my slate starting clean again, I'll go with the Packers this week to crush the Jaguars.