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Happy Halloween, Dawgs By Nature!

Hat tip to a DBN reader for sending us a Halloween dawg!

I'd like to wish a Happy Halloween to everyone in the Dawgs By Nature community! As I am sure many of you had noticed, the stories at the top of DBN had not been updated for the past two days. I lost power to my house this past Monday at 9:00 PM, and it was just restored Wednesday at 1:00 PM.

It's a shame that the outage had to happen this week, because I had been hoping to post a special "half-way point of the season review," since we're eight games into the NFL season. I guess it helps that Cleveland has a bye next week, though, so I'll just wait until then and treat the first nine games of the regular season as the first half of the season.

I'll try to whip up some posts over the next couple of hours, including...

  • Reviewing the defensive snap counts from last week
  • Pokorny's game review from last week
  • Anything important transaction, injury, or player-wise

I don't know if people at DBN have been announcing their power outages; if you have a mobile device and would like to share that information, please feel free to do so here.