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Daily Dawg Chow (10/5/12)

Eric P. Mull-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire


Cleveland Browns:


  • "Nicks out for Sunday against Cleveland" (AP) - "New York Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks won't play in Sunday's game against Cleveland because of recurring left foot and knee problems."
  • "Rams Amendola out after diving attempt" (AP) - "St. Louis Rams receiver Danny Amendola injured his right shoulder on a diving attempt at a catch in the second quarter against Arizona on Thursday night. Just after halftime, the team said his return was doubtful, and then just a few minutes later ruled him out for the rest of the game."
  • "Steven Jackson could walk soon" (ESPN) - "St. Louis Rams veteran running back Steven Jackson has negotiated an out to his contract after the 2012 season, in lieu of an extension, both his agent and the team confirmed to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Thursday."
  • "Replacement refs told no whistles on hail mary, one admits wrong call on Golden Tate touchdown" ( - "NFL replacement refs Wayne Elliot and Jim Core opened up to Inside the NFL about life over the past few months, offering anecdotes about their conversations on the field with players to more serious talks about being trained not to call interceptions or pass interferences in hail mary situations."