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Rufio's Film Room: Chargers

Rufio breaks down the Browns' running game versus the Chargers

Matt Sullivan

Wind. Rain. A sloppy playing field. The kinds of conditions that accompanied Hurricane Sandy are perhaps not unfamiliar on the shores of Lake Erie, but they were notable nonetheless.

In the Cleveland Browns' Week 8 matchup against the San Diego Chargers, the conditions dictated that we were going to have to run the ball effectively to score. And we ran it consistently enough to win the game. If I were to critique the running game, I would say that we had far too many runs of 2 or less yards. We could have been more consistent and put ourselves in position for easier third downs.

But we got the "feast" to accompany our "famine": plenty of runs of 8+ yards, and a largely successful scheme that had us leaving players we could not account for far away from the play, while blocking everyone at the point of attack.

Enter the film room:

And video #2:

Thanks for tuning in!