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Do You Prefer Watching a Game in Person or at Home?

Last week, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell talked about one of the league's challenges: the fact that there is more incentive for fans to watch games from the comfort of their homes rather than heading out to the stadium to see the game in-person.

"One of our biggest challenges in the league is the experience at home," Goodell said. "HD is only going to get better."

Goodell made his comments before a group of Falcons fans in Atlanta, where the team and the league are asking for the city’s help in building a new stadium to replace the Georgia Dome. Goodell said that a good facility is the key to keeping the fans coming, but his statement raises an obvious follow-up question: If the fans are already perfectly happy to watch at home, and HD TV is only going to keep improving and keep making the at-home experience better, why should the fans support the use of taxpayer money to build a stadium?

We've talked about ways that the in-game experience can be improved in the past, but my question is this: presently, if the Browns were a .500 team and you could get good, but not great, tickets to a non-divisional home game, would you prefer go to the game or stay at home? Let us know in the comments section below.

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