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Daily Dawg Chow (11/6/12)

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE


Cleveland Browns:

  • "A mass of contradictions" (FS Ohio) - "Compare the feelings about the Cleveland Browns from Monday to Monday. A week ago there were positives and smiles after the Browns beat a woeful San Diego team on an afternoon when the Browns punted nine times."
  • "Browns should use bye week to regroup, not make major changes" (Plain Dealer) - "Let's start with the fact that Brandon Weeden had a bad day in the Browns' 25-15 loss to Baltimore. No, it was a really bad day for the Browns' quarterback. And the coaching staff had a bad day, especially on offense."
  • "Upon Further Review: Browns" (AFC North Blog) - "Revisiting the Cleveland Browns' 25-15 loss to the Baltimore Ravens: As a coach, you want to be unpredictable. But you want to avoid being confusing. This is where Browns coach Pat Shurmur is getting himself in trouble."
  • "If the Browns drafted tomorrow…" (WFNY) - "Serving as a mid-season review that couples in ensuring he maintains his relevance throughout the regular season, ESPN draftnik Mel Kiper Jr has unveiled who he feels each team would select tomorrow if given the chance."