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Pick 6 Fantasy Football on DBN - Results & Week 10 Reminder

Ezra Shaw

It's time to review the results of last week's Pick 6 Football game, brought to you by SB Nation. The concept of the game is simple: each week, you pick six players (QB, RB, WR, TE, K, FLEX) using a $120 budget.

Congratulations to Dawgs By Nature member rockybrown for being at the top of our site's leaderboard in Week 9 with 109.1 points. Although that was a high score compared to usual for Pick 6, it was nothing on the overall leaderboard, as that score came in 57th place. Listed below are the top five finishers from Dawgs By Nature in Week 8, and a breakdown of farewell42night's team.

Rank Player Score
1 rockybrown 109.1
2 BinkDeBook 101.7
3 jshep12
4 Bashore15
5 thelonius7

Below, you can see rockybrown's team. Once again, Doug Martin was the big money maker for all of the top leaders scoring high.

rockybrown's Week 9 Team

Position Player Price Points
QB Josh Freeman $8.75 18.1
RB Marshawn Lynch $44.00 21.0
WR Andre Johnson $34.25 11.8
TE Kellen Davis $0.50 0.0
K Rian Lindell $0.50 7.0
FLEX Doug Martin $32.00 51.2
Total: 109.1

Now that Week 8 is over, it's time to set your Week 9 lineups! Feel free to talk about last week's results or some of the strategies you are shooting for this week. Remember, the deadline for setting your Week 9 lineup is Thursday night, right before the start of Thursday Night Football.