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Daily Dawg Chow (12/10/12)

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports


Cleveland Browns:


  • "No torn ACL for Robert Griffin III" (ESPN) - "The Washington Redskins say Robert Griffin III doesn't have a major knee injury. Team spokesman Tony Wyllie said Sunday that Griffin underwent an MRI and has a sprained right knee but that 'everything is clear' in terms of significant ligament damage."
  • "RG3, Cutler, Bowe, Fred Jackson injured" (AP) - "Star quarterbacks Robert Griffin III and Jay Cutler were injured Sunday, although Griffin's sprained right knee did not cost Washington a victory."
  • "Wilson seizes opportunity with brilliant breakout game" (Reuters) - "Rookie running back David Wilson found himself in the New York Giants dog house after fumbling in the opening game of the season and struggling to master pass protection assignments."
  • "Players rejected eleventh-hour bounty settlement" (PFT) - "As former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue prepares to issue a decision as to the appeal of the suspensions imposed by current Commissioner Roger Goodell on Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma, Saints defensive end Will Smith, Browns linebacker Scott Fujita and free-agent defensive end Anthony Hargrove, Tagliabue’s work won’t be interrupted by a settlement by the players and the NFL."