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Redskins vs. Browns: Game Time, TV Schedule, Odds & More

Calling the Washington Redskins vs. Cleveland Browns game this Sunday are Ron Pitts and Mike Martz on FOX. May god help us all. If you haven't heard that crew announce, get used to a lot of, "I'm Ron Pitts (he'll make sure you know who he is), and I'm going to take over this broadcast with my infinite wisdom," and Martz, the character-coach. The coverage for Ohio this week is a little different than usual.

The full list of cities that will see the Redskins/Browns game, as well as which games fans in the Cleveland area will be able to see on television, are shown below.

Washington Redskins vs. Cleveland Browns

Game Time: Sunday, December 16th at 1:00 PM EST
Location: Cleveland Browns Stadium, Cleveland, OH
Odds: Undetermined, probably due to RG III's unknown status

Networks Airing the Redskins/Browns Game

Washington @ Cleveland (Pitts/Martz)
WTTG Washington DC
WBOC-DT Salisbury MD
WJW Cleveland OH
WTTE Columbus OH
WRGT Dayton OH
WYFX Youngstown OH
WAHU Charlottesville VA
WHSV-DT Harrisonburg VA
WVBT Norfolk VA
WRLH Richmond VA
WFXR Roanoke VA
WVNS-DT Beckley WV
WVAH Charleston WV
WVFX Morgantown WV
WTAP-DT Parkersburg WV
WTRF-DT Wheeling WV
Credit: - Week 14 TV Distribution Maps

Radio Schedule:, 100.7 WMMS or

Games that Fans in Northeast Ohio Can Watch on TV

If you live in the Cleveland area, these are the games you will see this Sunday:

1:00 PM Games
-Washington Redskins vs. Cleveland Browns (FOX)

4:25 PM Games
-Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Dallas Cowboys (FOX)

8:20 PM Games
-San Francisco 49ers vs. New England Patriots (NBC)

The Thursday Night game this week is Cincinnati vs. Philadelphia.