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Daily Dawg Chow: Browns news (12/17/12)

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports


Cleveland Browns:


  • "NFL teams remember victims" (ESPN) - "The New England Patriots silenced their "End Zone Militia" on Sunday night, paying tribute to the victims of the Connecticut school shooting by canceling the traditional scoring celebration in which men dressed as Revolutionary War soldiers fire muskets into the air."
  • "NFL playoff picture: Hail to the Redskins" (Yahoo! Sports) - "The Texans and Packers wrapped up division titles Sunday, and the Ravens failed to do so, but still wrapped up a playoff berth when the Steelers lost. The 49ers clinched a playoff berth as well."
  • "Inside the Numbers: Week 14" ( - "Seattle is a great place to play if you want to grab a double latte or a Pyramid IPA. It's not a great place to play if you want to grab coast-to-coast NFL headlines."
  • "Matthew Stafford: Roughed Up By Cardinals" (RotoWire) - "Update: Stafford completed 24-of-50 passes for 246 yards and three interceptions Sunday against the Cardinals. Recommendation: An extremely poor game for Stafford, who failed to throw a touchdown for only the third time this season."