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Which Head Coach Would You Want in the Postseason?

Tom Szczerbowski

Which coach would you be more comfortable with leading your team in to the playoffs, and why?

In the previous two posts associated with this Gillette series, I ended up putting a spin on the Cleveland Browns. Although the discussion might end up leaning that direction anyway, it's probably better to save that discussion for two weeks from now, so we have something semi-fresh to talk about.

With that said, let's talk about all of the current head coaches in the league besides Pat Shurmur. Which coach do you think makes the biggest difference in a team being able to make a playoff run? I think you could certainly make cases for Bill Belichick due to his track record, or Jim Harbaugh because he was the guy who was finally able to harness the potential that the 49ers had. And then there are guys like Pete Carroll, John Fox, Mike Shanahan, etc.

Remember, this isn't necessarily about who the best team is. For example, if you think Fox is just fortunate to have Peyton Manning and the team's success isn't greatly impacted by the coach, then pick a different coach. It should be about the finer elements, such as pulling out all the stops at the right time, knowing how to manage a game strategically (time management, challenges), and putting the right personnel in.


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