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Who Has Been the Cleveland Browns' Offensive MVP in 2012?

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Who has been this year's offensive MVP and why?

In terms of the NFL, the SB Nation bloggers recently voted on this, the results of which I will reveal soon. In the mean time, let's talk about the Offensive MVP for the Cleveland Browns.

Statistically, the Browns are only marginally better in rushing and passing yards per game. They made a pretty steady leap in terms of points per game, though, and that can be attributed to several rookies helping inject some life into the offense. It likely won't be enough to save Pat Shurmur's job, especially after the past couple of weeks, but it's still some form of progress that shouldn't go unnoticed.

If we're not referring to the offensive line (because Joe Thomas would always win that), it's hard to pinpoint one clear person to be the Browns' Offensive MVP.

Brandon Weeden was making progress for a certain stretch of the season, but that progress came to a halt during the second half of the year. Trent Richardson has broken team rookie records that were set by Jim Brown at the running back position, but has still drawn the ire of fans who wish to see a different running style out of him. Greg Little has been very steady since the team's bye week, but can you forget about all of the drops prior to that? Josh Gordon has had a lot of great moments, but also struggled a bit early on. Travis Benjamin and the other receivers haven't played enough to warrant high recognition. Benjamin Watson has done a fair job, but nothing out-of-the-ordinary.

It's a tough call. Vote in the poll below for who you think should be the Browns' Offensive MVP.