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Report: Shurmur And Heckert To Be Fired Monday

Reports are that the Cleveland Browns will fire Head Coach Pat Shurmur and General Manager Tom Heckert Monday after the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Jason Miller

Wash, rinse, repeat.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Pat Shurmur and Tom Heckert will be fired on Monday morning following the Browns win against the Steelers (Yes, I said win. Suck it Pittsburgh).

The moves will be be old hat for the Browns franchise, since the 2008 the Browns have fired Head Coaches Romeo Crennel, Eric Mangini and now Shurmur. If that doesn't floor you, the Browns will also be removing their 3rd GM in the same time period (Phil Savage, George Kokinis and Tom Heckert).

For those not keeping score at home, from the years of 2008-2013, the Browns will be hiring their 4th Head Coach and 4th General Manager.

That is all you need to know why we suck Ladies and Gentlemen. There is no great secret. In five calender years we will see four different regimes, with four different offenses and defenses and four different ways of valuing players.

Over that same time, the Bengals, Ravens and Steelers have seen a COMBINED one Head Coaching change, and zero General Manager change.

That's right, the Browns have accounted for 89% of the Head Coach and General Manager turnover in the AFC North since 2008.

We can argue whether or not the move was justified, but the constant change in Cleveland will continue to hold the Browns back.