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Instant Recap: It's Over -- Browns Lose Finale 24-10 to Steelers

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

And with that, the Cleveland Browns' 2012 season is officially over. Considering the likely status of their head coach and being very thin due to injuries, Cleveland played a pretty good game against Pittsburgh and were right in it until a late fumble by Travis Benjamin. Perhaps the most impressive player of the game was quarterback Thaddeus Lewis, who threw his first career touchdown pass and helped guide Cleveland to 320 yards of offense (* some of which came on a fake punt run).

The game got chippy, and Pittsburgh definitely got the upper hand when it came to not getting flagged for cheap shots. The Browns didn't go down without a fight of their own. I thought this game had to be won in the trenches, and up until the Browns' last two plays of the game, I thought Cleveland had the upper hand by a significant margin down there. Unfortunately, the difference in a 24-10 loss ended up being a couple of extracurricular plays / turnovers, including two fumbles by our wide receivers.

Even though it is the offseason, we should have plenty to talk about over the next couple of days. Stay tuned to Dawgs By Nature for all of your coaching, general manager, and other front office changes.