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Daily Dawg Chow: Browns news (12/31/12)

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports


Cleveland Browns:


  • "NFL Coaching Carousel Tracker 2012-2013" ( - "Throughout the offseason, we’ll be monitoring the 2013 head coaching carousel, with updates on all of the firings, hirings and rumors across the league."
  • "Reports: Andy Reid out as coach" (ESPN) - "Andy Reid is out after 14 years coaching the Philadelphia Eagles, three people familiar with the decision told The Associated Press following Sunday's 42-7 season-ending loss to the New York Giants."
  • "Adrian Peterson tops 2,000 yards" (AP) - "Adrian Peterson's remarkable comeback season now has a magic number to punctuate it. Peterson became the seventh player to rush for 2,000 yards in a season, plowing through the Green Bay Packers for a 20-yard gain that put him over the top in the third quarter Sunday."
  • "Plenty of General Managers could be in jeopardy, too" (PFT) - "With all the focus on head coaches whose hot seats could soon convert to a full-blown conflagration, it’s easy to forget that a fairly large number of General Managers could be getting the boot, too."