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Create Some Nicknames for Your Favorite Cleveland Browns Players


Who has the best nickname in the NFL? Head on over to Gillette's Facebook page and share your opinion.

When it comes to the modern day Cleveland Browns, are there any nicknames that you have for current players? Off the top of my head, some of the popular ones seem to be "Flash" Gordon (for WR Josh Gordon), DQ (for D'Qwell Jackson), and "Boss" Ward (for S T.J. Ward).

The player who used to inspire a lot of nicknames was Peyton Hillis. There have also been self-given nicknames over the years, such as "Big Money" Gerard Warren.

Have at it trying to come up with some clever nicknames; maybe we can get a few of them to stick in the long run. In summary, here is your assignment:

-List any nicknames you feel currently exist for Browns players.
-Create your own nicknames that you think could catch on.

I really hope mooncamping gives a whirl at this, too.

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